Traditionalist, New Right, Conservationist and Integralist Thought

With the demise of the hosting of many of these classic texts, finding a single source of them has become a hassle. Our solution is to mirror them here. We do not necessarily agree or disagree with any of these documents.

Integral Traditions

Tradition and Traditionalism (Rene Guenon)
The Perennial Philosophy
The Primordial Tradition: A Tribute to Ananda Coomaraswamy (Ranjit Fernando)

The Crisis of the Modern World
Kali Yuga and the Kalki avatar
Decline of the West (Ursus Major)
European Decadence (Julius Evola)

The Revolt against the Modern World
The Path Toward the Sacred (Alain de Benoist)
The Legion Of Michael The Archangel (Corneliu Codreanu)
The beginnings of legionary life (Corneliu Codreanu)

Philosophy and Metaphysics
Of the Divine Influence in Political Constitutions (Joseph de Maistre)
Happiness is having Power (Friedrich Nietzsche)
The Will to Power (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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